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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jai Telangana : Americans unfazed by the Travel Alert !

Hyderabad, Jan. 6: The US government advisory against travel to Hyderabad appears to have had little impact on a group of American students from Kansas State University.

Nineteen students of the university arrived in Hyderabad on Monday and made a dash to the epicentre of the Telangana agitation, the Osmania University campus. There they spent a night, interacted with students on the arts lawns yesterday, and expressed solidarity. They left last evening.

“I feel safer at the university as it has more security,” one of the American students said.

The group is on a four-day tour of Andhra Pradesh as part of an international students’ exchange programme, and has been visiting select state universities. They are being led by faculty member Barry Michie.

“They went around Hyderabad and also the (Osmania) campus and met students,” said T. Vijay Kumar, joint director of Osmania’s centre for international programmes.

The campus lawns, however, were rather quiet and thinly populated since the students have taken a few days off with talks now being held in Delhi. The Osmania students thanked the visitors for their interest in their agitation.

“We explained how the Telangana region had remained backward for the past five decades because of political indifference, and expressed our resolve to grow independently and separately,” said Ajay, a member of the Joint Action Committee.

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