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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ram Charan Tej Engagement in Domakonda...

Ram Charan Teja Engagement with Kamineni Upasana would take place at Domakonda Gadi in December according to latest reports. Domakonda is a heritage center near the town of Kamareddy(Nizamabad dist) and very nearer to Bhiknoor Telangana University Campus and Upasana family sources say that they have decided to host the would-be couple's engagement there. Domakonda Gadi Samsthan rulers are Kamineni family and Upasana is the daughter of Domakonda Samsthan current heir Anil Kamineni and Sobha Reddy
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Kamineni Umapathi Rao is Upasana’s maternal grandfather, who owns that place and  usually spends 2 days at the nearby temple for Maha Shivaratri with his family(as shown below). Since his grand daughter is getting engaged, he has instructed to do some repair works for that house. And the arrangements for Ram Charan Teja Engagement with Upasana have already started! The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it reflects the Kakatiyan style of architecture, as it was built during the Kakatiyan Era.  So the reel life Magadheera can now draw some reflections of forts, temples, etc in his real life too.

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